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Bosch Praesideo digital public address & emergency sound system
With more than 6,000 installed systems worldwide, Praesideo by Bosch is the number one solution for demanding public address and emergency sound applications. It is the ideal choice for public announcements, scheduled events, background music, voice evacuation, and other applications that require operational versatility, superb sound quality, and absolute clarity. With release 3.3 of the Praesideo software, Bosch ensures full compliance with the new EN54-16 and ISO 7240-16 standards.

Applications include
- International congress centres - Public buildings
- Industrial complexes - Shopping centres
- Airports - Theme Parks
- Metro Stations - Hotels
- Railway Stations - Supermarkets
- Cruise ships - Stadiums
- Cruise ships  

Years of proven performance
Praesideo by Bosch is ideal for medium and large-scale public address and voice alarm applications. It features 28 dynamically assigned digital audio channels, digital event scheduling and message management, and can route background music (BGM) to a virtually unlimited number of zones. The complete system has been certified compliant with all major standards for emergency evacuation, including EN 54-16, ISO 7240-16, EN 60849, and BS 5839:8 as well as many local evacuation standards. in addition Praesideo by Bosch is certified compliant with SOLAS, the most important international treaty concerning the safety of marine and offshore applications

Always get your message across
The Praesideo Voice Evacuation System is fully supervised and ensures message integrity by constantly monitoring system control, amplifier operation, microphones, loudspeaker line integrity and individual loudspeakers. Specifically, built-in redundancy and automatic switching to
a spare amplifier guarantee continuity.

Total customizable solution
Praesideo by Bosch is a highly innovative system with a high level of digital integration. Extra features provide additional functionality when customizing a Praesideo system, like integrating numeric keypads for use with access codes, or adding software-driven interfaces, (e.g. PC Call Station) for remote management of announcements and other events.

Flexibility, with no loss of digital quality
The various elements of the Praesideo system are connected via an interference free optical network, allowing equipment to be conveniently located where it’s needed. Optical technology also lets the system span greater distances without loss of audio quality. It redefines the boundaries of quality, flexibility and reliability.

Scalable solution
The de-centralized architecture of the Praesideo network facilitates simple “daisychain” configurations. Units can be added or removed, as required, for complete freedom. To support longer distances or multi-site applications, the system allows supervised communication with CobraNet™ in a Local Area Network (LAN). The system can also be used via a Wide Area Network (WAN), for Audio-over-IP functionality.

Uninterrupted operation
For added reliability and uninterrupted operation, especially in emergency situations in voice alarm installations, the network can be configured as a “redundant loop.” This ensures that, even if there is a physical break in the fiber optic cable, the system will operate smoothly.

Part of an integrated security solution Praesideo is an open platform that
communicates with other Bosch systems (building management and fire-alarm systems) and with third-party solutions, such as passenger-information systems.

Simplified configuration
The system is easy to configure, either locally or remotely, and supports immediate system changes. Dedicated logging software tracks information from multiple systems and can be accessed from anywhere, to enable off-site monitoring and diagnostics.

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Bosch Praesideo product catalogue
Bosch Praesideo commercial brochure
Bosch Praesideo application reference - Airports
Bosch Praesideo application reference - Cruise Ships
Bosch Praesideo application reference - Large Mosque
Bosch Praesideo application reference - Offices
Bosch Praesideo application reference - Stadiums
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Philips SM30 and SM40 upgrade to Bosch Praesideo
In 2002, Robert Bosch GmbH acquired Philips Communications and Security Inc. (Philips CSI). At that time Philips Communications produced the marketing leading SM30, SM40 and SQ45 emergency public address systems. Bosch have since gradually rebranded and developed the established Philips CSI product range.

While older Philips emergency public address products such as the SM30, SQ40 and SQ45 are no longer manufactured, Bosch's evergreen policies enable NTE to offer clients an upgrade path to Bosch Praesideo for their legacy equipment. For more information see our dedicated Philips SM30 and SM40 websites, or email our Bosch team for assistance.

For more information about Bosch Praesideo voice evacuation systems please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Or if you know which part you are looking for, please complete our quotation request form and our Bosch team will respond to your enquiry immediately.



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