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Bosch Praesideo system components parts list

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Part no. Description
PRS-NCO-B Network Controller
PRS-SW Software (included within Network Controller)
PRS-1B500 Basic Amplifier 1x500 W
PRS-2B250 Basic Amplifier 2x250 W
PRS.4B125 Basic Amplifier 4x125 W
PRS.8B060 Basic Amplifier 8x60 W
LBB 4421/10 Power Amplifier 1 x 500 W
LBB 4422/10 Power Amplifier 2 x 250 W
LBB 4424/10 Power Amplifier 4 x 125 W
LBB 4428/00 Power Amplifier 8 x 60 W
PRS-16MCI Multichannel interface
PRS-1AIP1 IP Audio interface
LBB 4402/00 Audio Expander
LBB 4404/00 CobraNet Interface
PRS-SWCS PC Call Server
PRS-SWCSL PC Call Server NCO Client
PRS-CRF Call Stacker
Bosch Praesideo peripheral parts list
Part no. Description Qty
PLN-24CH12 24V Battery Chargers
PRS-48CH12 48V Battery Chargers
PRS-NSP Network Splitter
PRS-FIN Fiber Interface
PRS-FINNA Fiber Interface
PRS-FINS Fiber Interface
LBB 4442/00 Line Supervision Set
LBB 4440/00 Supervision Control Board
LBB 4441/00 Loudspeaker Supervision Board
LBB 4443/00 End of Line (EOL) Supervision Board
LBB 4416/00 100 m network cable (without connectors)
LBB 4416/01 0.5 m network cable
LBB 4416/02 2 m network cable
LBB 4416/05 5 m network cable
LBB 4416/10 10 m network cable
LBB 4416/20 20 m network cable
LBB 4416/50 50 m network cable
LBB 4417/00 20 network connectors for cable LBB 4416/00
LBB 4418/00 Praesideo plastic fibre tool kit
LBB 4401/00 Fibre interface module for 50m +
Bosch Praesideo call station equipment
Part no. Description Qty
LBB 4430/00 Call Station Basic
LBB 4432/00 Call Station Keypad
PRS-CSNKP Numeric Keypad
LBB 4433/00 Call Station Kit
LBB 4434/00 Call Station Keypad Kit
PRS-CSR Call Station Remote
PRS-CSRK Call Station Remote Kit
PRS-CSI Call Station Interface
Bosch Praesideo accessories list
Part no. Description Qty
LBB 4417/00 Set Network Connectors (20 pcs)
LBB 4418/00 Cable Connector Tool Kit
LBB 4419/00 Cable Couplers (10 pcs)
LBB 4418/50 Spare Cutting System (2 pcs)
LBB 4436/00 Set of Key Covers (10 pcs)
LBB 4446/00 Set of Supervision Board Brackets (10 pcs)
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