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Bosch vari directional loudspeaker range


- Unmatched sound quality and speech intelligibility
- Intelligent Configuration Software, supporting EASE1
- Automatic beam configuration
- EVAC compliant
- Flush-mountable, sleek design
- Optional Cobranet. networking

Many large modern and classical buildings, like passenger terminals and cathedrals, use hard reflective materials for floors, walls and ceilings. Due to their size and absence of absorbing materials the reverberation time is long and the amount of indirect reverberant sound compared to direct sound is high. This is disastrous for good speech intelligibility. Still it is very important to hear and understand the spoken message, whether it is a gate change announcement on an airport, a prayer in a house of worship or an evacuation message in case of an emergency. Here the Bosch Vari.directional Array offers a really smart and easy solution.

The Bosch Vari.directional Array series is a comprehensive set of array loudspeakers to address people with clear intelligible messages in large reverberant spaces. These active units utilize integrated digital signal processing and high efficiency class.D amplifiers. Using a PC configuration program the array can be adapted to the venue where it is used and its sound output optimally aimed at the audience, creating a maximum direct to ambient sound ratio, for best intelligibility given the circumstances.

The modular concept allows for three different array lengths for small to large areas. Using separate array elements makes transport easy and upgrading to a longer array possible. An optional CobraNet module allows the array to be networked and to receive digital audio data via CobraNet and to monitor the operational status of the loudspeakers. Special provisions make these arrays compliant to the world's emergency sound system standards. The units are suited for both background music and speech. Although these loudspeaker arrays are very sophisticated and offer unrivalled sound in difficult acoustical environments, the advanced configuration software makes setup quick and easy.

Vari directional part numbers:
LA3-VARI-B Vari Base Unit.
Active Vari.directional Array loudspeaker
LA3-VARI-BH Vari Base Unit HF
Active Vari.directional Array loudspeaker with coaxial drivers for improved high frequency response.
LA3-VARI-E Vari Extension Unit
Active Vari.directional Array Extension, to be used with a base unit to increase the coverage distance. Up to two extension units can be used with a base unit.
Vari directional accessories:
LA3-VARI-CM Vari CobraNet Module
CobraNet module for connection of the Vari.directional Array to a CobraNet network. The module must be mounted inside the base unit.
LA3.VARI.CS Vari Configuration set
Configuration software for the Vari.directional Array, with USB to RS485 converter for connection to the PC USB port.
Vari directional downloads:
Download Vari Directional Loudspeaker Datasheet
Download Vari Directional Loudspeaker installation guide
Download Vari Directional Loudspeaker A&E specification
Download Vari Directional Commercial Brochure for Consultants
Download Vari Directional Commercial Brochure for installers

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